Give english equivalents for these word combinations заполнить бланк форму

контейнер для входящей / исходящей документации сортировать, штемпелевать письма и оформлять письма принять меры связаться с
· контейнер для входящей / исходящей документации · сортировать, штемпелевать письма и оформлять письма
· принять меры · связаться с агентом-экспедитором
· вести дело/руководить фирмой · отнести фирму к разряду надежных
· быть внесенным в список · стенографировать
· Оставайтесь на линии! · счета-фактуры продаж, отфактурóванная поставка
· долговременный прогноз · задержка
· ожидаться из командировки · бланки / «шапки» на бланках
· договориться о комиссионных · безотзывный аккредитив
· оплатить что-либо векселем на предъявителя · перечень заказов, принятых за месяц
· запросить информацию в банке · отправленное судно
· дата прохождения таможенной очистки в порту · папка под грифом «коносаменты»


Exercise 1

You are going to hear a talk between Elizabeth Corby and Mr. Baker . Before you listen to the conversation look at these statements. After you have listened to the tape determine whether these statements are true (T) or false (F) . Explain why.

1. Elizabeth Corby turned to Mr. Baker for help because they got a bit of a crisis on in Mr. Grant’s office.
2. Mr. Martin was due back from Abraca that morning, but Sally Langly telephoned to say that she got flu, and that’s why he would need someone to help him .
3. Sally asked Mr. Baker to spare a girl from his department because the other two girls in the Sales Office couldn’t do shorthand.
4. Fenella’s shorthand was reasonable, she set her letters out well, but Mr. Baker didn’t think she was the world’s fastest worker and didn’t expect she would manage.
5. That day’s post was sorted and stamped the date in the General Office.
6. Elizabeth Corby showed Fenella the “in” tray with all the letters and memos which had come in while Mr. Martin had been away.
7. Elizabeth wrote a note with each letter to show whether she had taken any action or not.
8. Sally kept all the stationery (letterheads, envelopes, flimsy, and so on) in the separate drawer.
9. Elizabeth’s office is not far from Sally’s office, down the corridor.
10. Fenella denies it’ll be fun to have a change.
11. Sally made Fenella sure the work at the Sales Office was rather different from the work in the General Office.

Exercise 2

Listen how later that morning Mr. Martin dealt with a telephone call. Try to complete the gaps, using no more than three words in each case.

John Martin: Hello. What? Desks? Oh, Mr.Van Eyck … Yes… But they … days ago. Yes, of course they were … wait, I’ll give you … . Fenella, quick!
Fenella: Yes, Mr. Martin.
John: See if you can find … of the … for the thirty M-type … sent to …. They’ll be in the outer … in the file under …. Hello … hold on … we’re trying to find it. I’m sorry about this, Mr. Van Eyck, I can’t understand ….
Fenella: Is this it, Mr. Martin?               
John: Yes, that’s it. Here we are, Mr. Van Eyck, yes, … Kelpie, … London Docks, 12th September. You should have them by now. I’ll get on to … and call you back. O.K. Good-bye. Fenella! Get me the Globe … — Mr. Alan Smith. The number’s … by the phone. Something has happened to our … for Rotterdam. Our agent … promised … would get … on Friday. When you’ve got him, ring through to Mr. Best, … , and ask him to bring up … and … for the month. Be as quick as you can.
John: (An hour later)
Hello, oh, Mr. Smith. Any luck? What! Oh, no. Left … . Why weren’t … ? Well, surely … responsible. Look, I’ll try and … cleared. O.K. I’ll ring you back. Fenella! Get me Mr. Van Eyck ….  
Fenella: Oh, Mr. Martin, how … to Holland?
John: You can … direct, it’s on I.S.D.* Oh, heavens! It’s … already. … I’ve got through, I’ll have to go and … . I shan’t be long.

Exercise 3

Act as an interpreter.

Grant: Come in, John. Well, you seem to have covered a lot of ground in Abraca. What about an agent?
John Martin: Думаю, что я нашел хорошего (агента). Думаю, что он будет вести наши дела хорошо.
Grant: What’s his financial position?
John: Когда я был в Джемзе, я навел справки в Национальном Банке Абраки, и они считают его (агента) надежным.
Grant: Did you agree a commission if we decide to employ him?
John: Да. Десять процентов, как обычно.
Grant: How are we going to arrange payment from Abraca? I’m against sight draft.
John: Да, я согласен. Это должен быть безотзывный аккредитив. Расчеты будут осуществляться через лондонское отделение Национального Банка Абраки, по получении ими наших коносаментов и всех прочих документов.
Grant: Well, I’d like a more detailed report from you on paper, plus your long-term assessment.

 Exercise 4

Listen to the following conversation between John Martin and Fenella. Look at their remarks given below at random. Put them in the order they appear in the Unit. Supply the remarks with the name of their authors.

A … Oh, Fenella! Don’t weep all over my letters, they’re so nicely set out. You can easily correct the spelling mistakes. Do cheer up. I’m sorry. I expect I’m a bit tired too. It’s been a hectic day for both of us.
B … Yes, of course. I shouldn’t be able to manage without you.
C … Look. I really am sorry. I shouldn’t have expected so much from you. You’ve done splendidly. I know … pass me my brief case. I bought this ash-tray in the souk in Djemsa. Would you like it?
D … Fenella, these letters are full of spelling mistakes.
E … Oh, yes, Mr. Martin. Thank you ever so much … and can I work for you tomorrow if Sally is still away?
F … Oh, Mr. Martin, I did try to do my best. Honestly I did.
G … Oh, dear!
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Exercise 5

shore, ocean current, to
temperate, plentiful, heavy fog, natural resources, copper,
navigation equipment, means of communication, to be famous for,
shipbuilding yard, trading nation, manufactured goods, beef breeding,
wheat, sea fishing, Queen, broad programme, law-making, to represent,
to elect, voting age, majority support, legislative measures, to
carry out.

VI. Find in the English equivalents for these words and word combinations:

теплое течение, простираться,
северо-западная часть, свинец, уголь,
экспортер, производитель, флот, гавань,
судостроительная промышленность,
международная торговля, картофель,
глава государства, общие выборы, давно
существующая партия, премьер-министр,
управляться, исполнительная власть,
осуществляться, консерваторы (тори),

Read the sentences and translate them into Russian. Comment on the
use of Tenses and Voices:

Great Britain lies on the Atlantic coast of Western Europe?

It is separated from Trance by only 34 km of water.

The west of the island has a higher rainfall.

Britain has been many centures
in the making.

To become a law, a new bill must be approved by both houses of the

Since 1945 Government in Britain has alternated between the
Conservatives and Labour Party.

the United Kingdom was formed it took centures.

Britain lives by industry and trade.

British manufactured goods are sent all over the world.

Over 200 years ago the first industrial revolution began in Britain.

The British people have also been known as superior, snoblish
and unsociable.

Since 1945 there have been 27 British scientists who have received
Nobel awards.

VIII. Insert the missing words from the text:

The rivers … … into the North Sea.

The British Isles lie off the … … of Europe.

… is the highest mountain in England.

The most important … … of England
iron and coal.

The largest shipbuilding … are in Glasgow.

The House of Commons is presided over by … … .

… … is temporal bead of the Church of England.

To Britain is one of the great … … of the world.

The Severn

… river in England.

The heavy … of England are famous.

IX. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. Соединенное
Королевство состоит из четырех частей.

2. Соединенное
Королевство — высокоразвитая промышленная
страна, которая производит и экспортирует
различную продукцию.

3. Соединенное
Королевство управляется монархом (the
выборной Палатой Общин, а также
наследственной Палатой Лордов.

4. Соединенное
Королевство омывается Северным морем,
Атлантическим океаном и теплым течением

5. Палата Общин —
правящий орган Соединенного Королевства.

6. Исполнительская
власть осуществляется Кабинетом

7. Премьер-министр
— лидер партии, которая имеет большинство
в Палате Общин.

8. Страна расположена
на Британских островах.

9. Британия богата
углем, железом, медью, цинком и свинцом.

10. Самые крупные
порты Британии: Ливерпуль, Лондон,

11. Самые крупные
города Британии: Лондон, Бирмингем,
Кардиф, Манчестер, Дублин.

12. Самые
известные университеты находятся в
Кембридже и Оксфорде.

13. Шеффилд –
крупнейший промышленный центр.

14. Члены Парламента
избираются каждые пять лет.

15. Власть монарха
ограничена Парламентом.

16. Британия –
производитель и экспортер станков,
электроники, текстиля.

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Give english equivalents for these word combinations заполнить бланк форму


Помогите пожалйста
Give English equivalents for the following words and word combinations

-прогноз погоды
-время года
-близость к морям
-средняя температура
-мелкий дождь
-ясная погода
-ясная погода

1 ответ:

Give english equivalents for these word combinations заполнить бланк форму



-прогноз погоды — forecast,<span>
-время года — </span>season,<span>
-близость к морям — </span>closeness to the sea, the proximity to the seas,<span>
-средняя температура — </span>average temperature,<span>
-мелкий дождь — drizzle,
-ясная погода — fair weather,
-ясная погода</span> — clear weather.

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Give english equivalents for these word combinations заполнить бланк форму

Misha is elder than me.
Andrey is the eldest in the class.

Katya is taller than Masha.
Sasha is the tallest of all.

Tanya gets better marks than Olya.
Masha is the best student in the class.

Rita is more hardworking than Ann.
Liza is the most hardworking in the class.

Tanya is more intelligent than Ann.
Mary is the most intelligent in the class.

Kirill is more patient than Dima.
Vova is the most patient in the class.

Sergey is funnier than Sasha.
Misha is the funniest in the class.

Give english equivalents for these word combinations заполнить бланк форму

Countable: armchair, lamp, plate, apple, sofa.
Uncountable: butter, money, meat, music, water, cheese, ice, milk.

Give english equivalents for these word combinations заполнить бланк форму

My favourite day of the week is Saturday because there are no classes on Saturdays and there is always a forthcoming Sunday. I can’t consider myself as a lazy person and basically I’m an early bird but I enjoy sleeping till 10 or 11 a.m. on Saturdays. After waking up, I fancy having breakfast in bed while reading a book or watching TV. However, after some time I get up, get dressed and start planning my day. I’m not a couch potato and never spend much time just sitting around and watching TV. Next, I look through my stamp collection and plan what items to buy or exchange. I have taken up this hobby recently and it usually takes some time. I like being at home, however I’m not a complete homebody, so I normally contact my friends in the afternoon and we go out to have some time together. We always go trampolining on Saturdays. We are fond of it because it’s a real fun! Sometimes we go to a cafe to chat and play some board games. I am keen on various activities and in summers I normally go roller-skating, in winters I usually go skiing, in autums I prefer to go bowling and in springs I always cycle. Saturday evenings I usually spend at home because we always have guests on Saturday evenings. Sometimes I want to have two Saturdays a week instead of one!

Give english equivalents for these word combinations заполнить бланк форму

National emblem of the Russian Federation

Give english equivalents for these word combinations заполнить бланк форму

1) The old square is smaller than the new square.
The new square is not so small  as the old square
2) Bob is taller than Roy.
Roy is not so tall as Bob  
3) Jane is seven. Pat is seven too.
Pat is as seven as Jane 
4) Moscow is beautiful. London is beautiful too.
London is as beautiful as Moscow 
5) The Volga is longer than the Oka.
The Oka is not so long as The volga 
<span>6) Summers are more pleasant than winters.
Winters are not so pleasant as summers </span>



Section I

Hydrogen is easily the most abundant element in the universe. It is found in the sun and most of the stars, and the planet Jupiter is composed mostly of hydrogen. On Earth, hydrogen is found in the greatest quantities as water. It is present as a gas in the atmosphere only in tiny amounts – less than 1 part per million by volume. Any hydrogen that does enter the atmosphere quickly escapes the Earth ‘ s gravity into outer space. Most hydrogen is produced by heating natural gas with steam to form syngas (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide). The syngas is separated to give hydrogen. Hydrogen can also be produced by the electrolysis of water.


What forms does hydrogen occur in nature in?

What are the applications of hydrogen nowadays?

Complete the following table on the history of hydrogen discovery using the information given below:

Year Discoverer’s name Discovery description

Names: Robert Boyle, the alchemist Paracelsus, Antoine Lavoisier, Harold Urey and his colleagues at Columbia University, Henry Cavendish.

Years: 1766, 1671, 1931, 1783, the early 1500s.

Descriptions: he detected a second, rarer, form of hydrogen and named it deuterium; he collected the bubbles and showed that they were different from other gases. He later showed that when hydrogen burns it forms water, thereby ending the belief that water was an element; he gave the gas its name hydrogen, meaning water-former; he noted that the bubbles given off when iron filings were added to sulfuric acid were flammable; he made the same observation.


Memorize the meaning of the following words and word combinations.

apparatus, at the anode, at the cathode, combine with, in combination with, come off, common air, complete, covalent bonds, decompose, decide upon, deuterium, diluted, explode, explosion, half-life, hydride, inflammable, ionize, isotopic form, nuclear, make up a compound, ratio of smth. to smth., release, sole, standard of accuracy, store, tritium, unit of measurement, unit of matter, vitriolic acid, whole number

Practise your pronunciation.

Mass, ratio, weigh, weighing, weight, whole, measurement, compound, committee, accuracy, diluted vitriolic acid, sulphuric acid, inflammable, covalent bond, alkali, hydrides, cathode, anode, proton, electron, ion.

3. Make pairs of the words and word combinations in column A and those in column B and make up sentences with them.



1. the most important a) the atomic weights
2. make up b) air
3. calculate c) a chemical compound
4. decide upon d) hydrides
5. explode e) action of sulphuric acid
6. inflammable f) covalent bonds
7. the nuclear structure of g) with a long noise
8. form h) property of an element
9. obtain by i) ordinary hydrogen
10. joined with j) a standard of accuracy

Read and translate the text.


Hydrogen is the lightest chemical element. Its mass is the unit of measurement for the masses of other elements.

Atomic weight, or mass, was long considered the most important property of an element. By weighing the amounts of individual elements making up a chemical compound and calculating the weight of these ratios to the weight of hydrogen which will combine with the same elements, chemists found that the atomic weights of the other elements are almost, but not quite, whole numbers.

During the nineteenth century a committee of chemists decided upon a standard of accuracy for atomic weights. The committee set the atomic weight of oxygen at 16.000 in order to make the atomic weights of other elements come out closer to whole numbers. That change of standards gave hydrogen the weight of 1.008.

Hydrogen was first obtained in 1766 by Sir Henry Cavendish in London. He found that he could get the gas by dissolving zinc, iron or tin in diluted vitriolic acid (H2SO4). He discovered that a mixture of hydrogen and common air explodes with a long noise, and he was impressed with the lightness of the gas. He named the gas «inflammable air», and A. Lavoisier gave this element the name «hydrogen» (water-former).

Hydrogen exists in three isotopic forms, known as hydrogen (or protium), deuterium and tritium. Tritium is radioactive, with a short half-life. Deuterium is stable, and occurs in a small amount with ordinary hydrogen. Its compound (D2O) is known as heavy water. Slight differences between the properties of ordinary water and heavy water allow their separation, notably by electrolysis, in which ordinary water is decomposed and heavy water becomes concentrated in the water left in the apparatus.

The nuclear structure of ordinary hydrogen consists of one proton, the unit of matter. This is the same as a hydrogen ion. An electron as the sole planet in this system completes the structure of hydrogen atom.

In combination with oxygen, in the form of water, and with carbon, in the many organic compounds, hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements on the earth. Hydrogen combines with other elements and forms different kinds of compounds, some of which ionize in solution, others which are joined with covalent bonds, yielding organic types of compounds.

Although formerly it used to be classed with the alkali metals or Group I in the periodic table, hydrogen acts as a negative part of the molecule when it is in combination with those metals. It forms hydrides which are in general colourless crystals. Similar compounds are formed with calcium and barium of Group II. The hydrides decompose in water, releasing hydrogen. This property has been used as a convenient way to store hydrogen.

Hydrogen is usually obtained by action of sulphuric acid (H2SO4) on zinc. The metal replaces the hydrogen, which bubbles off a gas. Electrolysis of water also liberates hydrogen at cathode, while oxygen comes off at the anode.

Give the English equivalents for the following words and word combinations.

Cамый лёгкий химический элемент, единица измерения, самое важное свойство, целое число, для того чтобы, получить газ, растворить, разбавленная серная кислота, обычный воздух, лёгкий газ, изотопная форма, радиоактивный, короткий период полураспада, различные химические соединения, незначительные различия, электролиз, состоять из, соединяться с другими элементами, тяжёлая вода, ионизироваться в растворе, щелочные металлы, гидрид, разлагаться в воде, на катоде, на аноде, хранить, единица вещества, завершать структуру, соотношение к весу водорода.

Биология Give English equivalents to the following word combinations.

просмотров — 1635

Working with word combinations and sentences

Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

Label parts of the eye.

Match a word in A to an antonym in B.

Match parts to get compound words.

Word building.

Working with words

noun verb adjective
other worm
multi road
back fish
cuttle wise
draw cellular
green back
flat house
cross bone
A   B  
posterior a increase
diminish b indistinctive
vital c anterior
expel d excretion
distinctive e primitive
complex f retain
absorption g permeable
dense h unimportant

Iris, pupil, lens, cornea, retina, optic nerve.


To identify pumps ink excretory three chambers feeding surrounded

Squid have ……… hearts. Two branchial hearts, ………. the gills, each surrounding the larger systemic heart that ………. blood around the body. The hearts have a faint greenish appearance and are ……….. by the renal sacs – the main ………. system of the squid. The kidneys are faint and difficult ………. and stretch from the hearts (located at the posterior side of the……….. sac) to the liver. The systemic heart is made of three………. , a lower ventricle and two upper auricles.

Многоклеточное животное, различные сообщества, единственная особенность, отсутствие позвоночника, вымершие формы, пресная вода, образовать тип, отличительные черты, жизненно-важные органы. Большая полость, пищеварительный тракт, внутренности, заключенный в полости, сложный мозг, обладать сильными мышцами, мышцы, предназначенные для сокращения, сильный клюв, слюнные желœезы, задний отдел, взвесь меланина, замечательное разнообразие, приспособление для маскировки, прямой контакт, прикрепить к телу, захватить добычу, уплощенный кончик, способность менять цвета͵ многочисленные хроматофоры, плотная группа, участок кожи.

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    Working with word combinations and sentences.
    Label parts of the flower.

    Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

    Put the words in the right column.

          Poppy , birch, strawberry, carnation, oak, blackberry, pine, camomiledaisy, fir, cranberry, aspen , daffodil, linden(bass) , ash-treerowen, violet, raspberry, willow, dandelion, cloudberry, poplar, tulip, bilberrywortle-berry,… [читать подробенее]

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